Do Dangerous Things Carefully


Our Story:

The Good Trouble Company was founded at the height of a global pandemic. We were inside with a lot of time on our hands. Let’s just say that George was not the only one that was curious! The Good Trouble Company was birthed out of necessity and curiosity. We designed this product to make intimacy more interesting and more comfortable. As we delved deeper, we knew we wanted to remain honest. No chemicals. No hormones. No parabens. No glycerin. No synthetic colorants.  We take pride in what’s in us and even more pride in what’s not. Some ingredients just don’t belong in or on your body, and we don’t hide anything in the small print. With the omission of chemicals, we remain environmentally sound. We are good the people, the planet, and their pleasures. 

We slowly progressed in the industry and immediately began to do the real and necessary work. This is the part of the story where we began to embrace our magic. We knew we could no longer play small. So we leaned in. We saw a direct correlation between sex education, sustainable practices, and preventative measures to combat a growing epidemic. Our team vowed to be intentional. Speaking to stakeholders and community partners about the importance of sexual wellness and sexual education. Our vision became clearer. We dove deeper into community involvement and started asking the hard questions. We quickly realized that there was greater work. We wanted to make a lasting impact. We wanted to be remembered as fire starters and trouble makers. So we strengthened our sustainability efforts. This is a dream turned tangible.

Not to brag, but we are Earth's favorite lube! This year we took a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering sustainable efforts in collaboration with other trouble makers. The sex industry can be dirty, but we want to remain clean- with our products, in our approach, and in our processes. Sustainability is the cornerstone of environmental stewardship and at The Good Trouble Company, we are committed to using natural locally sourced products.



At The Good Trouble Company, you’ll find us at the intersection of clean products crafted for safer sex and the corner of provocative pleasures designed to heighten sexual experiences. 

We create quality personal lubricants using environmentally- conscious materials and manufacturing practices. We are an environmentally- forward focused company. Our unique product enables our lubricant and the manufactured waste to be fully recyclable. Landfill waste is a massive global problem. Our end goal is to ensure that nothing we produce ever ends up in a landfill. We want to work in harmony with the environment, promoting sustainability while enticing your sexual spontaneity. 

The Good Trouble Company

Our Purpose:

Our purpose at The Good Trouble Company is to put the planet, the people, and their pleasures at the center. We are the gold standard of personal lubricants. At The Good Trouble Company, we are heavy on the good, and even heavier on the trouble.

We believe in prioritizing our how and our why. Our quality standards allow us to continue to be made well. We are responsibly sourced. We are forever committed to being trouble makers.